Kickoff: Drive Telecom Business Results with Customer Experience Transformation

In the age of the customer, the secret to success in telecommunications isn?t only in fiber or 5G. Today, customer experience is the currency of competition, increasing in importance as service providers continue their digital transformation. The telecommunications industry needs to embrace technology and create seamless customer experiences. Not only do your customers demand it, but disruption in the industry demands it. In the U.S. alone, consumers look at their devices more than 8 billion times a day. Mobile devices and broadband connectivity drive momentum around key trends like video streaming and constantly connected subscribers. Products these days must be designed from a customer-first perspective. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform for Communications can help you become a customer-centric company ? and it can achieved in cooperation with or as a replacement for your current customer-facing systems. Whether it?s incremental change or sweeping, what?s important is to just start. Salesforce can help you start, create, and integrate an omnichannel platform of engagement. Learn more on how this agile approach, powered by data science, leads to an effortless customer experience that generates strong bottom-line results. Join Andy Baer as he shares the success of organizations like Virgin Media, Telus, Sky Italia, Bouygues, and others on how they?ve see positive results from putting customers first.