Learn How Salesforce Drives Cross-sell and Upsell to Achieve Revenue Growth

Learn the secrets behind how Salesforce drives predictable revenue growth, at scale. This session will cover how we achieve repeatable expansion in both our Big Deals and Run Rate business, while optimizing for Sales & Marketing spend. Our secret: the power of Data Science and Predictive Analytics. This session is ideal for those looking for a Practitioner's viewpoint on how to leverage Data Science to supercharge product cross-sell and upsell. We will walk through our Cloud Go To Market building blocks: Propensity-to-Buy based advanced customer segmentation, Integrated Sales-Marketing Operating Model, Prescriptive Playbooks, "Actionable Analytics" for the Field Rep, and how all this is proving to be a win-win for both Salesforce and our Customers. We will end with a brief demo and share learnings to help get you started.