Dreamforce 2018: The Post Preview for the Travel, Transportation, & Hospitality Industry

The Travel, Transportation, & Hospitality (TTH) Industry is at a crossroads. While, on the whole, the industry hasn't changed much in 100+ years, it faces a massive transformation that holds the potential for new levels of customer engagement and understanding. We'll focus the keynote on how shippers can leverage Salesforce & our ecosystem to deliver a differentiated experience for customers.

Shippers come in many shapes and sizes, explains VP & GM for TTH Taimur Khan. They can be manufacturers, sending products from the country of origin to the end customer. They can be logistics companies, servicing manufacturers and getting packages to your doorstep. But think out of the box: shippers can also be pizza chains like Domino's or home-delivery grocers like Ocado. Every industry can benefit from the insights presented in our TTH keynote.

The keynote will share how Salesforce is bringing our customer-centric expertise to the challenges facing this industry. We'll talk with leaders from Maersk and DHL Saloodo about their journey with us to think and work differently. And we'll offer ideas that every shipper -- no matter their core industry -- can put to work to offer seamless, personalized service for the customer.