How eHarmony Acquires Customers as Quickly as It Creates Love Connections

eHarmony launched eH+ in December 2013, an exclusive matchmaking site for customers looking for a tailored, hands-on service. Join Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the CEO and founder of eHarmony, and a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on love, marriage, and emotional health, to hear first hand how eHarmony leveraged Salesforce and Velocify to build and grow eH+, one of the most successful new business lines for the company. eHarmony leverages the full Salesforce stack including: the Marketing Cloud to engage with customers around the eHarmony brand, the Sales Cloud and Velocify to ensure high-end customers get the attention they deserve within seconds or minutes, and finally, the Service Cloud that maintains ongoing, high-touch relationships with its eH+ customers after Velocify for Salesforce has delivered the exceptional first impression.