#ThePost: Deloitte Partners with Salesforce to Understand Industries, Drive Deeper Success

Our Industry strategy is one of Salesforce's key growth pillars. In almost 5 years, verticalization is changing how we market, sell, build product, and partner. But what can we learn from a partner who's been focused on industries for decades? The answer is easy: lots.

“What our teams are excellent at is codifying that industries knowledge and bringing it from client to client, and making sure that we're learning all the time,” explains Phil Ludlow, who leads Deloitte's Salesforce practice in the UK. “I challenge my Salesforce teams to make sure that we're bringing all the best of Deloitte, all of our industry knowledge and thinking, and codifying that into a robust set of assets that can accelerate our time to market, that make our account teams more successful, and where we can join the go-to-market and sell some brilliant industry accelerators.”